Oct 06


My top two tips for picking the right color for your lips!

One of my favorite tips for picking the right color is to apply the lip color to the pad of your index finger and hold it up to your face and see if it lights you up! I also like this approach while in a store shopping because let’s face it you don’t know who has been using the tester before you and it’s not possible to 100% truly sanitize a lip gloss!  This skin color of the inside of your finger pad is most similar to our lips vermillion color so the lip gloss or lip stick will look more like it’s true color versus applying and testing on the back of your hand where the skin tone is so different than our lips. The best time to test out a new lipstick and/or gloss shade is when you have no other makeup on – if the color lights up your natural face then you know you have truly found a flattering shade since it works with your skins own natural undertones.

As far as makeup goes, in my opinion, there is nothing that can perk up your face quicker and easier than the right lip color. That being said, the wrong color can also ruin an otherwise great overall look. I love lip glosses because they are moisturizing and you can easily slick them on without having to be as precise as when you wear lets say a bold red lip – via lipstick. Gloss can also be applied over lipstick to give it a shine, change the intensity, or add a little highlight, sparkle or depth.  I’m also a big fan of lip crayons. I have found them to be hydrating and long-wearing. There are some long wearing lipsticks that I’ve tried that feel too drying but applying a gloss over that can be a good way to remedy that. Our lips do not have oil glands and they also have very thin skin so hydration is key and lip care is important to keep our lips healthy, hydrated and kissably soft.

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