Apr 01

The Skin Games you tube

The Skin Games

There is a really fun event coming up, thats near and dear to my heart! The first national competition for Estheticians, is going to be in San Ramon, CA on April 23, 2016. The Estheticians are competing in different categories, such as hyper pigmentation, anti-aging, acne, etc. There will be a trade show with top skincare and beauty lines, ingredient panel of industry experts, luxe spa treatments, super fab party, and much more….I myself am looking forward to it all, including networking and possibly tasting some fine Napa wines in the VIP lounge.

This is the first ever competition, to find the top Estheticians in the country. There were over 1,000 entries, and the top 30 are being interviewed by the judges (I’m so excited and honored to be one of the judges by the way).  Estheticians, I can’t wait to judge you! The ladies of the new reality show, The Ex-Wives of Rock, Bobbie Brown, Athena and more will be there hosting the event – along with their television crews so if you attend, maybe you will be the next big reality tv star! Who knows, maybe Athena’s brother, Tommy Lee will show up with the “Crue”! Jennifer Rosenbaum and Jennifer Earl are the rockstar estheticians behind putting together this fabulous event.

Who is ready to get dressed up like a superstar with me,  and go rock out in San Ramon? For more information, to check out the array of finalists, event activities and tickets to the Live Show,  check out www.theskingames.com

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  1. Richard Merrill-Rivas

    As one of the Finalist I am so excited to share the stage with these highly talented professionals… I cannot wait to meet you! This is going to be EPIC!!!!

    1. Pearl

      Hi Richard,
      It was great meeting you! You did an amazing job and can’t wait until next year!!

  2. Shawn Paris

    So excited to be a finalist. This is such a great opportunity for Estheticians to show their passion. I can’t wait!!

    1. Pearl

      Hi Shawn,
      You were an amazing finalist! It was great meeting you!
      xoxo Pearl

  3. Maxine Drake

    Pearl! Wasn’t the Skin Games a blast?!?! Thank you for being one of the fabulous judges! I loved meeting you! I have some reading to do with your other blogs! Love your page! You rock Pearl! :-)

    1. Pearl

      Hi Maxine! It was amazing! I loved meeting you and it was truly an honor to be a judge too!! I can’t wait to attend some of your classes Maxine! Thank you for stopping by!!


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