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A Basic Daily Skincare Regimen for Minimalists

Often times, I’m asked what are the daily basics one must do to take care of their skin. Here are some of my daily skincare tips. Please note there are no neck creams, masks, eye depuffing serums or any other extras that of course will take your skincare routine to an even higher level.  This is pretty bare bones but I have included serums, since I consider them to be like a multi-vitamin you need to apply to your skin daily!

Sometimes I hear from women who say they just cleanse with water in the morning because their skin doesnt feel “dirty” when they wake up. Cleansing is a vital step for your skin to be its healthiest, smoothest and most glowing. While we sleep our bodies are cleansing, cellular respiration is happening, we are sweating and the serums and creams that you wear at night that are filled with antioxidants that will oxidize and if you are using an oil based serum or cream it will be rancid by morning so you want to cleanse it all off! Cellular turnover is happening as we sleep so we want to remove all the dead skin cells and cellular debris. In the morning it might be best to use a lighter cleanser with a little Alpha Hydroxy Acid and at night a deep cleanser to get off makeup and grime from the day.
If you are dry, you want to use a toner that contains Hylauronic acid – this ingredients binds up to 1000 times it’s weight in moisture to the skin. Toner will further cleanse and prepare your skin for the serums and moisturizers you apply next. It will remove any traces of cleanser and also is better for your skin than tap water which contains minerals and purifying ingredients which may be harsh for your skin especially if you are sensitive.
Serums are very important and are meant to be worn under your moisturizers. They are liquid so they penetrate more deeply than creams and lotions. For daytime I recommend an antioxidant serum with Vitamin C, Plant stem cells, Peptides, etc. and for evening I like to use a serum that contains a little retinol and/or glycolic acid on a rotating basis to exfoliate and stimulate cellular turnover.
Daytime: hydrating with an SPF of 30. Even if you aren’t outside since windows from our cars, home and workplace do not screen out UVA which is damaging to the skin.
Evening: Use a heavier moisturizer than normal especially during the winter since our skin tends to get more dehydrated while we sleep. If you live in a cold environment and use a lot of indoor heating or blast the heater in the car make sure you are hydrating your skin well at night.
Eye Cream 
It’s best not to neglect the eye area. It’s the thinnest skin on the body with no oil glands. A good quality eye cream should be worn day and night. Make sure your eye cream contains no fragrance as fragrance is the #1 irritant in skincare ingredients.
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