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Suntegrity Lip Colors- The Most Wearable and Healthiest Lip Color Collection Ever!

Suntegrity is a favorite brand of mine! I was so excited when they came out with an organic, Broad Spectrum, SPF 30 lip color range.  They contain Konjac root, Wrinkle Feeling Spheres, to visibly reduce the look of any fine lines. The formulas are infused with organic shea, jojoba and cocoa butter. The colors are so flattering and they are as wearable and rich looking as they can be!  They use pure pigment- no dyes! They are light reflective and absolutely yummy, with a hint of stevia to sweeten them. I love them so much that I ordered the collection for my skincare studio -Facials By Pearl! If you’re in the SF Bay Area come and take a look! I will post more photos when I have a little more time to play with them, but here is a sneak peak of the gorgeous shades! To add to the beauty of this brand, both inner and outer, Suntegrity also donates a portion of each sale of the lip colors to Lipstick Angels!



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4 Quick Tips for Wearing Vibrant Lip Colors

photo-91There are times an occasion calls for a bold lip! In my opinion, nothing can brighten your face quicker than a bold and bodacious lip color. Here are some tips for wearing the latest and brightest lip colors of the season.

1. Healthy Lips! When wearing any vibrant lip color you want to make sure your lips are smooth and moisturized! Use equal parts honey and brown sugar and do a light exfoliation on your lip area including the vermillion boarder. If you don’t have honey you can use olive oil. The brown sugar acts as a physical scrub but also contains natural alpha hydroxy acids and the honey is a natural humectant –  so it will draw moisture in from the environment.

2. Outline your lips! A lip liner will allow you to make a nice boarder for the lipstick and you can create a slightly fuller lip if you line on the outside  of your natural lip line. When wearing bold color a lip liner may be a little more necessary especially if your lip color tends to “bleed”. When wearing bright colors you want an equally bright lip liner.

3. Highlight your lips! Using an angle eyeliner brush dip it in a powder highlighter in a shade slightly lighter than your own skin tone that has a light reflective quality to it and lightly outline the outside of your cupids bow and the lines that go down from the nose to the cupids bow – the philtrum area. This will give you the illusion of what plastic surgeons have named “the paris lip” (a popular spot of injecting fillers – since as we age our philtrum naturally flattens out). It’s what gives many models their gorgeous full lips.

4. Whiten Your Teeth! When wearing brighter colors it’s a good idea to make sure your teeth are their whitest. The bright colors bring attention to your mouth and of course your teeth so make sure your teeth are bright. An inexpensive and quick method for whitening your teeth is the whitening mouth washes – swish and rinse! You can take a little of this whitening mouth wash and make a paste with baking soda and gently brush your teeth and this will help with superficial stains from coffee, wine or tea.


Im wearing All Dolled Up by Gerard Cosmetics here! I love this pink!

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Color Me – Enhanced Foundation Coverage


I was so excited to be invited to a launch event at Color Me Headquarters in San Francisco. Eric Jimenez,  who is the beauty industry veteran and creator behind Color Me.  He held a special event to explain how to use his innovative battery operated device for applying foundation.


After Eric and his team treated us to some French Macaroons and a little bubbly, he demonstrated how the Color Me works. I was impressed with how evenly and quickly the Color Me distributed foundation. He showed us how to “season” the sponge. This is actually done before you first use it – you spread your foundation across the sponge with your fingertips and this prepares the sponge so that it doesn’t absorb your foundation.  The “seasoning” enhances the ability of the sponge to distribute the foundation perfectly on your face. This is a very important first step, easy to do and will insure that your sponge works properly. The sponge itself vibrates at 15,000 pulses per minute. This pulsing action of the sponge mimics the tapping motion we make when we are blending foundation with our fingers.  As an Esthetician, I thought this was an added advantage since this also tones the skin, increases circulation and brings nutrients to the surface.  This type of massage in a facial is called “tapotement”  which of course is a fancy word for tap!


I was curious though to see if it would really make a difference in how my foundation looked and felt on my skin. We all took off our makeup after Eric’s demonstration and reapplied our own foundation with Color Me. I was excited to see it did make a nice difference in the application and the overall look of my complexion. With the Color Me my skin looked very smooth and glowing, yet I was able to use a little less foundation than I normally would.  The sponge application was very light and sheer yet the coverage was complete. I was wearing a very light serum-like foundation that day and Color Me worked very well with it.  I was also able to use the edge of the same sponge to apply a little concealer under my eyes.   I also applied a little bronzing powder on with the “puffy”  powder sponge which comes with the device and I have to say it looked very smooth and natural.  It reminded me of how my skin looks when I have used an airbrush device to apply my makeup.  Color Me comes with a battery which is already installed – you just have to pull a little tag to get it to work – very simple for everyone else there, but for some reason this was tricky for me,  luckily I had help! It also comes with replacement sponges for liquid foundation and powder. You will have to replace your sponges after several uses. If you are a makeup artist you would have to have new ones for each client. I would like to note that it’s small and travels well since it comes with it’s own little cap to keep the sponge protected and clean.  Color Me would also make a good applicator for someone who desires camouflage makeup or even to cover a tattoo since you can build on the color without removing it with the sponge.   I think Color Me is a very effective method for applying light or medium to full coverage foundation in a gentle and sanitary way.  This device is going to be ideal if you are a gadget person (Clarisonic junkie?), you prefer full coverage and want an easy blending tool, or you have dull-devitalized skin since the massaging action from the Color Me will stimulate circulation and give a natural glow to your skin and apply your foundation seamlessly. Foundation isn’t called foundation for nothing – it is truly the foundation of your makeup look. If you’re looking for a way to make your complexion look smoother, more even, luminous and enhance your natural glow then you might want to add it to your beauty tool kit!




You can learn more here www.colormebeauty.com



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Rozge LipGloss Review and a little hot spot for wine lovers in SF…


I love lipgloss, wine bars, shopping, and spending time with friends especially! This review is about a new lip gloss and a little fun I had in SF recently! Take a great pink color and throw in some antioxidants and cutting edge ingredients and you’ve got my new favorite Rozge lip gloss named Amsterdam! The lip glosses from Rozge do not disappoint in any way. They sent me a couple of great colors to review – a “hot” hot pink I kept for myself called Amsterdam which I absolutely adore either alone or over my current Bite or Lorac lip pencils to add even more little sparkle. They also sent me a warm, sparkly rich ginger shade which I immediately knew would be perfect for my gorgeous ginger-haired BFF Jodi Koskella.


The photo above was taken of us after a long but amazing day shopping in San Francisco’s Union Square – our Rozge lip gloss held up pretty well! Our 10 hour of fun girls day included a stop at Tiffany & Co, hours spent at Saks (there was a big sale going on!) and ended at a quaint Wine Bar called ENO where Jodi had a bubbly flight and I had the tastiest red vino ever from 100 year old European vines and as Jodi stated the best deviled eggs we’ve both ever had – they were topped with duck confit and a yummy grilled cheese sandwich which we pretty much devoured after all the hard work shopping. Eno has upscale wine with down-home food and warmly welcoming service- the perfect combination. I noticed while we were there that there were a few couples, small groups and several women sitting alone enjoying their wine on a beautiful SF Sunday evening watching the bustle of SF’s Union Square go by from the large street-front windows. It’s definitely a great spot to people watch. Steven, the wonderful sommelier was extremely knowledgeable and really made sure we had a great time and made fantastic recommendations. We will enjoy the wine we bought there – did I mention you can purchase the bottles you like right there on the spot!

Duck Confit Deviled Eggs at ENO

Duck Confit Deviled Eggs at ENO

Back to the gloss though – so Rozge has 22 lip nourishing shades so there really is something for everyone. The colors are so pretty and richly pigmented – they look good alone or over other lip color. They are very nourishing and non-toxic (very important to me!). The ingredient list is impressive with shea butter, jojoba oil, safflower oil, and aloe vera. What really intrigued me though was this ingredient called Dragons Blood! I had heard of it but didn’t know what it was and had never used it. I did some research on it and now I love this lip gloss even more. Dragons Blood is a sap that comes from a tree in the Amazon. This blood red sap is rich in antioxidant phenols, anti-inflammatory compounds and has anti-viral and antibacterial properties. It also contains proanthocyanidins which actually repair collagen and taspine, a known tissue-healing agent. This gloss feels very healing on the lips and looks great too. The packaging is very nice too as the wand lights up and the tube itself has a mirror on it! I can’t wait to try more of the Rozge shades. You can check them out here:



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