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Suzy ChapStick Has Grown Up!


I think the mass product world is really listening to what the consumer demand is, as they have taken the parabens out and put some cutting-edge ingredients in.  The formulating folks at Pfizer have added ingredients used in pharmaceuticals for skin regeneration. I feel like calling it ChapStick doesn’t do it justice! It contains an ingredient called Madecassoside, which is a powerful antioxidant derived from Gota Kola. This ingredient is known to stimulate synthesis of collagen types I and II. It is also used in the pharmaceutical world as a treatment for psoriasis.  It has been clinically proven to enhance wound healing and heal chronic skin lesions. It is also anti-inflammatory which is a wonderful benefit in a lip treatment. The Total Hydration formula also contains ingredients such as, Shea butter, Olive oil, Squalene, Meadowfoam, Hibiscus, Linseed oil and more.



I’m always on the hunt for hydrating and anti-aging lip treatments and I’ve stayed away from Chapstick for many years mainly because I’ve always associated it as having Petrolatum as the main ingredient.  Petrolatum is an occlusive ingredient that doesn’t let moisture in or out.  I’ve always believed it to be more of a “quick fix” and “addictive” since it didn’t contain ingredients that provided a truly long-lasting therapeutic benefit.  Petrolatum coats the lips, leaving you feeling moisturized albeit a little waxy while it’s on. Petrolatum is more of a band-aid effect and it leads to a dependence on it for your lips to maintain that softness.

This new formula boasts a nifty twist up package – much more upscale than the original and more like a lipstick. It makes my lips feel very hydrated, soft, shimmery and actually plumper.  This product is not marketed as a plumper, but It does seem to plump up my lips a little. Total Hydration has three light and very non-intrusive flavors: Sweet Peach, Soothing Oasis and Luscious Lemon Delight.

I wasn’t paid for this review but was sent a few chopsticks to sample. These are my unbiased opinion.

For more information you can check out all the new lip treatments at www.chapstick.com


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