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Increase Your Cooking IQ Online with Chef Joni Sare

While we are “sheltering in place” and cooking at home more than ever, I highly recommend  taking an online cooking class with Chef Joni Sare. I have learned so much from Joni. You can do this on your own, as a couple, a Family or with whomever you are quarantining with.

During my first online session we made green beans with lemon and garlic, Yummy Gluten-free pasta with Chicken Alfredo and some Roasted Broccolini! So fun, delicious, easy and healthy too!

Joni has been the most in demand Bay Area cooking teacher for many years. She is a top-rated chef on CozyMeal and Yelp. She has many specialities, including Paella, Italian, French and even has an amazing InstantPot class! You can learn more and contact Joni directly here: https://www.jonisare.com







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Cooking With Joni Sare….

Happy New Year!! I have been so busy working and opening up a new skincare clinic- which I’m so excited about, and will share more soon. I haven’t done a lot of blogging lately :( and I miss it!  I have so much to share with you and lots to catch up on. Let’s start with my current food related obsession- It’s cooking, learning, and eating with Chef Joni Sare.

Here is Chef Joni!


One of my passions has always been cooking- ahem…. more specifically eating, but I also love the creative process of combining new flavors, especially international cuisine!!  I call Joni the skinny chef you CAN trust. She specializes in Thai, French, Italian, Paella and more and she even has an Instant Pot class- for the busiest home chefs, which we have a lot of in busy Silicon Valley.

Leading Sangria instruction is one of my specialties with Joni,  and has earned me the nickname #sangriagirl. Did you know National Sangria day is December 20th? It’s also my birthday, which is fitting since I LOVE Sangria!  It’s like a health elixir the way Joni teaches it – I mean we add high antioxidant organic herbs. Trust me, this is the best way to spend an afternoon or evening, if you want to have a great team-building event with your workmates, girls night in with yummy food, couples bonding, etc. You can learn how to make Sangria with your own herb-infused simple syrups – I mean how healthy are you?!?!  and how to really fruit it up, to match any cuisine.  If you’re a serious culinary student, you  may even improve your knife skills- her tearless onion technique is life changing. Joni has taught me how to expertly dice a red bell pepper with no mess or waste and now I share this new skill with guests in my Ragu sauce, which you will enjoy with homemade pasta,  you make yourself in Joni’s Italian class..  You will learn to chiffonade, macerate, and my personal favorite deglaze. You will walk away with satiated taste-buds, healthy, tasty cooking tips, and last but not least a great memory.

Here is Jon’s website for more information.




Hope to see you in the kitchen!!


Warning!! Taking a class with Joni may cause a sudden obsessive urge to purchase a crinkle cutter

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