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Copper Water for Health and Beauty!

IMG_7170-2Everyone deserves clean, healthy, water. We need it to keep our bodies healthy and functioning optimally. Ideally, we need to drink at least 1/2 our body weight of water in ounces every day.  That being said, I try to keep a water bottle with me at all times. I try to avoid plastic bottled water at all costs for a multitude of reasons; health, taste, environmental, and expense. The bottled water industry is ridiculously profitable for companies- many of them are actually plastic companies who make the bottles themselves, and then fill them on the spot with filtered tap- they fill them while the bottles are still warm, thus leaching plastic into the water from the start. When you buy the packaged plastic water bottles, you have no idea how they were prepared, bottled, shipped and stored. The evidence shows that there are plastic particles in these plastic bottled waters.  If you have a durable water bottle you can always be prepared with your own drinking vessel and find filtered or decent tap water. I try my best to not contribute to the plastic water bottle industry and sharing my passion about this is really important to me. I love to buy water bottles as gifts for friends and family. I try to get everyone to transition to a healthier and more sustainable way to consume our most precious and needed resource.


There are many types of water bottles available. I love a durable water bottle, and especially need one for road trips and travel.  I have been drinking from my new copper water bottle every day.  I love the color- like a fresh penny and the exquisite hammered texture of the bottle not only makes it looks gorgeous, but also makes it easy to grasp and harder for me to drop. It fits right in my car’s cup holders and doesn’t leak even if I throw it in my tote or backpack…Yay.  It’s shiny and bright and the rosy-gold color is eye catching. Yes, it’s pretty as a penny but the bennies don’t stop there …oh no, it’s got some serious body alkalizing benefits. This water bottle is 100% food-safe copper with absolutely no toxic materials used. They are handmade in an old school, artisan fashion- they really are beautiful. The hammered copper is actually more than just aesthetics, it is so the water reaches more surface area for the copper to be absorbed into the water. It is recommended that you let the water absorb for 6-8 hours before drinking- this will give you the maximum benefit. There are actually many water bottles that claim to be copper- but be careful since most are just plated and may contain toxic materials.

I have studied and practiced Ayurvedic health and skin beautifying methods and modalities for years. I use only alkaline water, nutrient rich water in my skincare treatments at Facials by Pearl.  Drinking water stored in copper vessels has amazing health benefits and is widely recommended by health experts. Water stored in a copper vessel is also known as “Tamara Jal” in Ayurvedic medicine- Tamara=Copper and Jal=Water. It’s also commonly known as copper infused water or copper charged water.  In Ayurvedic medicine, it is said to help to balance all three doshas, i.e. vata, kappa and pitta. In Ayurveda they recommend drinking lukewarm or room temp water- I also notice this when I travel in Europe – they never serve ice-cold water. This is a healthier way to consume water as ice water can destroy digestive enzymes and very cold water can also constrict blood and lymph vessels- very vital for many reasons.  In Ayurveda they say this is bad for your “agni”  or digestive fire. In nutrition school we learned disease (dis-ease in the body) starts in the digestive system- The digestive system is how we assimilate nutrients and discard toxins- so vital for health and well being.  Copper is a very powerful anti-oxidant, fights free radicals, helps skin heal, anti-microbial element that also improves immunity, supports good health, eliminates toxins and supports healthy brain function. It’s very interesting to note that copper has been proven to induce the growth of the myelin sheath which makes our brain work more efficiently. Our bodies do not manufacture copper- so we need to get it from an outside source. Why not get it from naturally alkalizing the water you drink?

I could go on about the benefits of drinking healthy alkaline water- I do believe it is the fountain of youth as dehydration is detrimental for all of our organs and body processes. Your body will age faster if it’s not properly hydrated. Who wouldn’t want to stay hydrated and naturally alkalize your water with your own authentic, artisan pure copper bottle?


Cheers! To your health!

You can have 15% off your very own Copper Bottle with code GLAMOLOGIE15 This is valid Nov 15th thru the 29th!

Check out https://www.copperh2o.com to learn more about all things copper and this wonderful family owned company who also donates 15% of their profits to non-profits to support healthy drinking water in developing countries.

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Suzy ChapStick Has Grown Up!


I think the mass product world is really listening to what the consumer demand is, as they have taken the parabens out and put some cutting-edge ingredients in.  The formulating folks at Pfizer have added ingredients used in pharmaceuticals for skin regeneration. I feel like calling it ChapStick doesn’t do it justice! It contains an ingredient called Madecassoside, which is a powerful antioxidant derived from Gota Kola. This ingredient is known to stimulate synthesis of collagen types I and II. It is also used in the pharmaceutical world as a treatment for psoriasis.  It has been clinically proven to enhance wound healing and heal chronic skin lesions. It is also anti-inflammatory which is a wonderful benefit in a lip treatment. The Total Hydration formula also contains ingredients such as, Shea butter, Olive oil, Squalene, Meadowfoam, Hibiscus, Linseed oil and more.



I’m always on the hunt for hydrating and anti-aging lip treatments and I’ve stayed away from Chapstick for many years mainly because I’ve always associated it as having Petrolatum as the main ingredient.  Petrolatum is an occlusive ingredient that doesn’t let moisture in or out.  I’ve always believed it to be more of a “quick fix” and “addictive” since it didn’t contain ingredients that provided a truly long-lasting therapeutic benefit.  Petrolatum coats the lips, leaving you feeling moisturized albeit a little waxy while it’s on. Petrolatum is more of a band-aid effect and it leads to a dependence on it for your lips to maintain that softness.

This new formula boasts a nifty twist up package – much more upscale than the original and more like a lipstick. It makes my lips feel very hydrated, soft, shimmery and actually plumper.  This product is not marketed as a plumper, but It does seem to plump up my lips a little. Total Hydration has three light and very non-intrusive flavors: Sweet Peach, Soothing Oasis and Luscious Lemon Delight.

I wasn’t paid for this review but was sent a few chopsticks to sample. These are my unbiased opinion.

For more information you can check out all the new lip treatments at www.chapstick.com


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Rozge LipGloss Review and a little hot spot for wine lovers in SF…


I love lipgloss, wine bars, shopping, and spending time with friends especially! This review is about a new lip gloss and a little fun I had in SF recently! Take a great pink color and throw in some antioxidants and cutting edge ingredients and you’ve got my new favorite Rozge lip gloss named Amsterdam! The lip glosses from Rozge do not disappoint in any way. They sent me a couple of great colors to review – a “hot” hot pink I kept for myself called Amsterdam which I absolutely adore either alone or over my current Bite or Lorac lip pencils to add even more little sparkle. They also sent me a warm, sparkly rich ginger shade which I immediately knew would be perfect for my gorgeous ginger-haired BFF Jodi Koskella.


The photo above was taken of us after a long but amazing day shopping in San Francisco’s Union Square – our Rozge lip gloss held up pretty well! Our 10 hour of fun girls day included a stop at Tiffany & Co, hours spent at Saks (there was a big sale going on!) and ended at a quaint Wine Bar called ENO where Jodi had a bubbly flight and I had the tastiest red vino ever from 100 year old European vines and as Jodi stated the best deviled eggs we’ve both ever had – they were topped with duck confit and a yummy grilled cheese sandwich which we pretty much devoured after all the hard work shopping. Eno has upscale wine with down-home food and warmly welcoming service- the perfect combination. I noticed while we were there that there were a few couples, small groups and several women sitting alone enjoying their wine on a beautiful SF Sunday evening watching the bustle of SF’s Union Square go by from the large street-front windows. It’s definitely a great spot to people watch. Steven, the wonderful sommelier was extremely knowledgeable and really made sure we had a great time and made fantastic recommendations. We will enjoy the wine we bought there – did I mention you can purchase the bottles you like right there on the spot!

Duck Confit Deviled Eggs at ENO

Duck Confit Deviled Eggs at ENO

Back to the gloss though – so Rozge has 22 lip nourishing shades so there really is something for everyone. The colors are so pretty and richly pigmented – they look good alone or over other lip color. They are very nourishing and non-toxic (very important to me!). The ingredient list is impressive with shea butter, jojoba oil, safflower oil, and aloe vera. What really intrigued me though was this ingredient called Dragons Blood! I had heard of it but didn’t know what it was and had never used it. I did some research on it and now I love this lip gloss even more. Dragons Blood is a sap that comes from a tree in the Amazon. This blood red sap is rich in antioxidant phenols, anti-inflammatory compounds and has anti-viral and antibacterial properties. It also contains proanthocyanidins which actually repair collagen and taspine, a known tissue-healing agent. This gloss feels very healing on the lips and looks great too. The packaging is very nice too as the wand lights up and the tube itself has a mirror on it! I can’t wait to try more of the Rozge shades. You can check them out here:



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Win these ICU Sunglasses!

Eco-Chic Sunglasses – ICU Sunglass Review and Giveaway! OVER- Congrats Cecily from Texas!!!!

Win these ICU Sunglasses!

Win these ICU Sunglasses and one other Tortoise shell frame pair! ICU has gifted me with 2 pairs to giveaway to my followers!

Cute sunglasses with UVA/UVB protection are a must-have fashion accessory for the skin and sun savvy girl on the go! Sunglasses protect our eyes from damaging rays that can cause eye health issues and of course they also protect the vulnerable skin around the eyes as well. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin on the body and lacks oil glands so this skin is easily damaged and usually the first area of the face to show premature aging. The muscles between the eyes are called the corrugator and this is the most common area that men and women get Botox injections since when we squint these muscles come together and eventually make the lines commonly referred to as the “11” by our dermatologist and plastic surgeon friends. This is so common that the company that distributes Botox  has created a whole advertising campaign about the “11” lines. We can stave off the development of these lines by avoiding squinting when possible- good sunglasses will help immensely!  Pigmentation issues can pop up around the eyes too so protect your peepers with sunglasses that offer both UVA/UVB protection. Remember that UVA rays penetrate through glass so when we are driving we aren’t protected from the sun.

I recently discovered a wonderful brand called ICU Eyewear that not only offer UVA/UVB protective lenses but are stylish, eco-friendly and affordable – yes affordable! Sometimes “eco-anything” denotes a higher price tag but the folks at ICU eyewear in Hollister, CA want everyone to have gorgeously protective sunglasses so they are priced just right – you may want to buy several pairs for different outfits, events, moods, hair colors (you know who you are! etc.) You are sure to find a pair that will reflect your own personal style! ICU was the first sunglass company in the U.S. to make designs with reclaimed plastic, recycled metal and sustainable bamboo. They are fashion-forward and some even incorporate sparkle and really fashionable designs – there are some very sophisticated designs and pink and sparkly too which works for me! They are sold online and in many stores including Whole Foods. The good folks at ICU Eyewear donate 1000’s of pairs of their reading glasses every year to charity! They have the cutest reading glasses and an online chart on their site which can tell you what percentage of magnification you need so there is no guessing games there. Also, it is interesting to note that studies say 73% of adults wear sunglasses and that only 58% of adults make their children wear sunglasses. I think it’s great that ICU has cute and affordable sunglasses for children too!

I have two different pairs to give away to one lucky reader!  Just comment on this post and share it on social media for a chance to win! The winner will be contacted Sept 20th and announced on my blog. This contest is only open to U.S. residents.

You can check out all the great styles at http://www.icueyewear.com

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