Jan 07


Reasons you should see an Esthetician you may not have thought of….


It's 2015 and we all know facials can improve our skin. Making a resolution to get a facial once a month can have far reaching 
benefits that are more than just skin deep...


It’s worth it just to take some time for yourself to slow down, lie down and put yourself first for an hour. There is no substitute for human touch. A great facial will include facial, neck and shoulder massage. Your central nervous system will be calm as you inhale aromatherapy. Your mind will relax as you listen to soothing music. A relaxed state will lower blood pressure and lessen the presence of cortisol hormones in your system.

Need someone to talk to who is unbiased? Every esthetician I know is a great listener. Having an esthetician to talk to is even better than talking with your hair stylist since its an enclosed and private setting. Secrets stay secret with your esthetician. Trust me, we have heard it all and we don’t judge.

Get some great health tips! Since your general health effects the condition of your skin, any esthetician worth her sponges stays up on the latest nutrition information. You will learn tips that will make you healthy from the inside-out. Estheticians really love sharing the great information we learn at all the classes and trainings we attend.

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