May 01


Pharmaca – More than just drugs and more than just a store

I just had the pleasure to attend a pre-grand opening celebration of Pharmaca’s 30th store in beautiful Los Altos, CA. It will open to the public this weekend (May 2, 2015) and there will be amazing bags of swag for the first 100 guests. If you’ve never visited a Pharmaca store you have to go! These stores are gorgeous, clean, and stocked with a dazzling array of everything you can imagine to create or maintain a healthy and beautiful life. The stores are like mini Whole Foods in that they have a wide variety of items. In terms of customer service they remind me of the Ritz Carlton yet they have the warmth and friendliness of visiting with friends.


All of the people working there are certified practitioners; be it estheticians, acupuncturists, herbalists, nutritionists, chiropractors, massage therapists etc. What’s great about that for you as a shopper is that you have a passionate expert at your fingertips you can get educated advice from. Stress seems to melt away when you step into  Pharmaca.


Community Board where you can post news and reviews – I love this!

They even have a cozy sitting area with complimentary tea.


They also host complimentary seminars about various topics pertaining to healthy living. Go and visit and don’t be surprised if you discover some new products that you can’t live without and perhaps meet your new BFF. Pharmaca is a community store where like-minded health-conscious people can gather. Whether you are a certified health-nut, health-curious or somewhere in-between you will feel at home at Pharmaca.


Getting skincare advice from beauty expert and glowingly gorgeous ,Catherine Atzen was a very special treat for me! She is an industry icon!


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