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Nourish Your Skin with Hydrosols

Hydrosols are a vital part of my skincare ritual and I use them in all of my facial treatments. Why? Simply because they are safe and gentle enough for everyone’s skin and they provide essential nutrients and hydration.  When our skin is properly nourished and we seal in that hydration with a blend of lipids and water we create a healthy barrier for the skin. This is key in all seasons and especially true for sensitive or sensitized skin.  Hydrosols can replace a toner and remove tap water from the skin from your cleansing routine.

If you want glowing and healthy skin a hydrosol is a must.  They are easy to use and not expensive.  I use about 16 different ones in my skincare practice  (www.facialsbypearl.com) and like to custom blend fresh organic hydrosols with a French device called a Lucas. The sprays are perfect for home care.

Three of my favorites below:

Rose: Rose is calming and anti-inflammatory. Roses contain B vitamins, C and E. I use Rose hydrosol on my sensitive skin clients for many reasons. This is the best hydrosol for healing barrier function.  The lipids from the Vitamin E nourish the skin,  the B vitamins help boost hydration levels and Vitamin C quells free radical damage.  Rose tea is also delicious and I serve it at my skincare clinic.  There is something special about taking in an herbal tea internally and using it topically at the same time.  It’s very healing and calming.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood is grounding and brightening. The Sandalwood I use has notes of vanilla and is very calming when you inhale the fragrance.  It is great for blemish prone or travel-weary, stressed skin. The hydrosol is a wonderful liquid to mix with masks to brighten skin.

Lemon Balm: I use this to help relax the facial muscles. This is a great hydrosol to apply before bed with a serum to massage your skin with your hands,  a jade roller or GuaSha stone.  It’s also called Melissa and the herbal tea is amazing for insomnia and relaxation before bed. Lemon Balm contains a host of polyphenols and is also considered anti-viral.

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