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May 10

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Quick and Easy Tricks for Healthy Glowing Skin

We all want healthy glowing skin. Here are some of my top tips for a quick easy glow:

1. Exfoliation- getting rid of that top layer of dead skin cells reveals your radiant true skin. Light peels under 15% glycolic acid combined with lactic and polyhydroxys are effective and will also bind moisture to the skin.  Enzymes using papaya and bromelain are also great for removing that inter-cellular glue and bringing fresh new skin cells to the surface without irritation, inflammation or any downtime. When you exfoliate lightly with passive exfoliants you create a glow.

2. Light reflective foundations – Smashbox and Chanel make a light reflective foundation as do many other makeup and skincare lines. A light reflective foundation with do just that and since they aren’t completely matte they give you the glow.  
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Feb 26


How to find an Esthetician!

How to find and Choose a Great Esthetician – For you!

In this day and age of the internet,  online reviews are one of the top ways to find an Esthetician. Sometimes the reviews can be misleading and often  you don’t know if they are real reviews or slanted in one way or the other. The Esthetician may have 5 star reviews but that doesn’t always mean that she or he is the right one for you. Continue reading

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Feb 17


Facial Serums – Do you need one?


I’m a huge advocate of serums. I call them the “Green Juice” of skincare since they have so many active ingredients and in a liquid form they give your skin vital nutrients and a high quantity of actives in one little drop – penetrating deeply! It’s the equivalent of a giant platter of veggies being reduced to a glass of juice – if you have ever made your own green juice you will know exactly what I mean – You can never eat that many veggies in one sitting but you can drink that juice and you feel so good when you do and not to mention your skin will glow with health. Continue reading

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Feb 15


For Your Eyes Only – Prevent, Correct and Renew

The eye area has the thinnest skin on the body and there are no oil glands. It’s also an area of expression and is usually the first area of the face to start to show the signs of age and sun damage. It’s far easier to prevent than correct but luckily there are amazing doctors and researchers that have created effective topical treatments that actually reverse some of the signs of aging. Prevention though is key so the earlier you start on a good eye cream the better. Continue reading

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Nov 24


Winter Skincare Survival

Chilly Winter weather can contribute to making our skin become dry and even irritated which can be pretty uncomfortable and well…not very pretty!  It’s not just about esthetics and comfort either. Well-hydrated skin provides a protective barrier made up of our bodies own lipids that keeps out infectious bacteria, viruses and fungi.

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