My name is Pearl

My name is Pearl. And I really know my stuff.

You know how some women have that gorgeous, blissed-out glow that almost vibrates off the skin?

I can help you glow like that.

Or how some women appear to exude radiant health from every cell and pore?

I can help you radiate like that.

I’ve dedicated my career to helping women like you feel healthier, inspired and more beautiful through a mix of holistic strategies, makeup techniques and self-care. I’m a licensed esthetician with advanced certification in Oncology Esthetics,  expertise in reflexology, aromatherapy, holistic nutrition, Chinese skin diagnostics, and makeup for film and television. From acne and rosacea to wrinkles, I’ve got you covered.

I want you to know that I understand how frustrating and overwhelming it can be to find a skincare, nutrition and makeup routine that works. The good news is that there are multiple ways to improve your relationship with the skin you are in, and I invite you to consider me as your own personal beauty oracle.

kNOw more beauty secrets.

Welcome to Glamologie.

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