Nov 30


4 Quick Tips for Wearing Vibrant Lip Colors

photo-91There are times an occasion calls for a bold lip! In my opinion, nothing can brighten your face quicker than a bold and bodacious lip color. Here are some tips for wearing the latest and brightest lip colors of the season.

1. Healthy Lips! When wearing any vibrant lip color you want to make sure your lips are smooth and moisturized! Use equal parts honey and brown sugar and do a light exfoliation on your lip area including the vermillion boarder. If you don’t have honey you can use olive oil. The brown sugar acts as a physical scrub but also contains natural alpha hydroxy acids and the honey is a natural humectant –  so it will draw moisture in from the environment.

2. Outline your lips! A lip liner will allow you to make a nice boarder for the lipstick and you can create a slightly fuller lip if you line on the outside  of your natural lip line. When wearing bold color a lip liner may be a little more necessary especially if your lip color tends to “bleed”. When wearing bright colors you want an equally bright lip liner.

3. Highlight your lips! Using an angle eyeliner brush dip it in a powder highlighter in a shade slightly lighter than your own skin tone that has a light reflective quality to it and lightly outline the outside of your cupids bow and the lines that go down from the nose to the cupids bow – the philtrum area. This will give you the illusion of what plastic surgeons have named “the paris lip” (a popular spot of injecting fillers – since as we age our philtrum naturally flattens out). It’s what gives many models their gorgeous full lips.

4. Whiten Your Teeth! When wearing brighter colors it’s a good idea to make sure your teeth are their whitest. The bright colors bring attention to your mouth and of course your teeth so make sure your teeth are bright. An inexpensive and quick method for whitening your teeth is the whitening mouth washes – swish and rinse! You can take a little of this whitening mouth wash and make a paste with baking soda and gently brush your teeth and this will help with superficial stains from coffee, wine or tea.


Im wearing All Dolled Up by Gerard Cosmetics here! I love this pink!

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  1. Margaret romac

    Love all your tricks and tips!!!

    1. Pearl

      Thanks Marz!!!


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